Melbourne in Photos: Street Art Edition

As I came in through the city center via bus, I couldn't help but get a New York City kind of vibe - the wide streets, fancy theaters and high-end designer shops brought to mind 5th Ave. But as I left downtown for the neighborhood where my Airbnb host lived - Fitzroy - it became more San Franciscan in feel and, when I actually got out to explore the neighborhood, my hipster meter landed decidedly on Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Yes, if you gave everyone funny accents and made them drive on the wrong side of the road, then the two communities would be practically interchangeable. Interpret that how you will but there's no denying that the food and coffee are to die for.

Even accounting for the fact that I'm a bit sick at the moment, meaning that a) I can't really taste anything and b) I get tired out quickly, there simply aren't enough meals in a day to try all the establishments that I want to and have been recommended to me by friends. I guess a repeat visit is in order. 

Photos below, mostly from around Fitzroy.