To Italy, With Love

Photoset and "CliffsNotes"* version of my vacation last August via Highbrow Magazine.

I previously complained quite a bit (not just in the linked article above but also in my travel diaries) about the blazing Italian summer heat, but I would gladly trade that for the below-freezing temperatures Paris has been having.

Just the other night whilst working on the food truck I became irrationally paranoid about getting frostbite when I couldn't feel my toes. I knew it probably couldn't happen when I was wearing two layers of socks under my boots and the temperature was a mere 30F, but sometimes I let my inner hypochondriac imagination run away with me. I blame reading about the 2008 K2 disaster on a recent Wikipedia binge. (But seriously, on the subject of The Summit I am insanely jealous of anyone who is at Sundance right now).

*Don't misinterpret this as an admission that I frequented this website during my academic career or anything, but in verifying the domain name just now I realized, for the first time, that there is in fact an 's' between the two words. #mindblown

Oh, look: more stuff on Italy from the archive and on Flickr.