Celebrating 22 at the Mojito Lab, Paris

Mojito Lab

On Saturday I turned 22, and for the second time in a row celebrated my birthday away from home. Last year I was at the Toronto International Film Festival, so I went out for drinks with some newfound film buddies. This year, I went out with my French roommate and some friends from LCB.  

The main event of the evening was a visit to the sleek Mojito Lab in the Bastille neighborhood. As the name suggests, the bar exclusively serves mojitos (20 variations on the menu, I believe), grows their own mint, etc. But we weren't there just to drink - for €35/person, the Mojito Lab offers mixology classes for small groups. So after a harrowing taxi ride from the 15th (during which our driver nearly hit and subsequently swore at every cyclist we passed), the four of us descended to the basement 'lab' below the normal lounge and bar area.


So for the next couple hours our bartender and instructor for the evening, Florian, taught us how to make classic mojitos, a virgin passionfruit variation, and a syrupy raspberry-based version. Having gotten my bartender certification last summer, I already knew the basics of free pouring and what not, but it was a treat to play with the lab's fancy barware and ingredients - particularly the wide variety of pre-made fruit syrups that I haven't seen stateside.

Strawberry Basil Mojito

And because it was my birthday, Florian concocted this lovely strawberry basil mojito and some shooters. A good start to a great night.

One of the other bartenders stopped by to give us a juggling demonstration. Video below.