I Am Packed...for Prague

Throughout high school and college I was an obsessive outfit planner. If I didn't have the next day's clothes laid out before I went to bed, you can bet I at least fell asleep going through my closet in my head and mentally picking out several options. These days, though, I find that I just don't really care as much as I used to.  

There are two ways this change might be interpreted. Either it's admitting to myself that I can't sartorially keep up with Parisian girls (nothing like getting on the Metro to bring your self-esteem down a little!) or I'm being pragmatic because it's only a matter of time before I get to school and am forced to change into my frumpy chef's uniform.

Either way, I really only plan ahead now is when I'm traveling. Because those "budget" airlines only live up to their name when you don't check a bag, and it's simply impossible to stuff an entire wardrobe into a carry-on.


Photo inspired by I Am Packed, a site I discovered a while ago and only recently remembered since I've been doing a lot of packing traveling. This is maybe the second time I will have flown somewhere without checking a bag. It's kind of scary for me to pack this light but if I end up needing something I don't have, all the more reason to go shopping right?